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Accredited Profibus training courses confirmed for May '14

Profibus Australia and the PITC (Pentair) has announced a series of accredited Profibus training courses will be conducted in May 2014 in partnership with UK trainer Andy Verwer.

With demand for skilled technicians with Certified Profibus qualifications continuing to rise, Profibus Australia will now conduct training courses in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in partnership with trainers from the PITC (Pentair).

Andy Verwer has over 30 years of experience working and teaching in the automation and control industry and is an active member of the Profibus International organization in the UK. Each year Andy Verwer visits Australia to provide local engineers and technicians with specialised Profibus technology skills.

The May courses will include: a one-day Certified Profibus Installer Course; a one-day Profibus Commissioning & Maintenance Course; and a three-day Certified Profibus Engineer Course. These courses can be taken separately or joined together in a week of Certified Profibus training.

For further course information, dates, costs and registration forms visit Profibus Australia’s website: profibusaustralia.com.au


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